Dispelling Motivational Speaker Myths

Motivational-Speaker You! You there, looking at this monitor! Yes you! Life will throw bad things at you but you know what? You can overcome that hardship! How? By looking at that challenge right in the face. Look that challenge in the face and glare at it; glare at it and overcome it by puffing your chest up, holding your head high, and being the best you can be!

Imagine yourself hearing that every single day when you wake up next to your spouse who just so happens to be working as a motivational speaker. Annoying, right?

Quite different from what the mass media projects, the top motivational speakers don’t always motivate people. It’s not that they’re doing a bad job. The statement is meant in the most literal sense. They literally don’t just go up to people and randomly say their speech every time they have a conversation.

Do they walk up to you at the bar and say –

“You could do anything you want to be! Look at that mirror and you know what I see? A star, that’s what!”? That’s just creepy. Motivational speaking is, first and foremost, a motivational speaker’s job; their source of income and livelihood. And it, by no means, reflects the entirety of their personality off stage.

Of course, it is also a part of the job to keep the relationship between a speaker’s audience and himself true and authentic so it would make sense that a reflection of a speaker’s opinions and personality would shine through his speech. Be that the case, it doesn’t mean he (or she) speaks that way all the time.

Much like the difference in dynamics between speaking to an individual person and when speaking to a crowd, a motivational speaker also has a different posture, approach, and diction when speaking in a one-on-one conversation. Not to say that the speaker, or in this case, the person working as a speaker, will hound on you even in a one-on-one conversation but it is a certainty that they will have a different demeanor when conversing with just one person.

Motivational SpeakersHumor, even, is something that differs greatly when the speaker is on a job and when he is talking casually with friends. As true-to-life many of a speaker’s practiced jokes may be, the effectiveness of this humor varies greatly between who he is speaking to and which the kind of individuals are listening to him. Many jokes only have their effect on large crowds and feel quite different and awkward at times when delivered in front of an individual or small group.

Testimonials always include how energetic and how “up there” they were; it’s a trait that is necessary for them to perform well in their job and a skill that will charm their audience. It is a part of their role as a speaker to empower their audience and call them to action. Despite this, don’t expect a speaker to be a go-getter every time. They have good days and bad days, too. Whenever a famous speakers tweets about having a bad day, give him space. Maybe even an encouraging word or two from your end, just to return the
favor, would be a great help.

With the misconceptions of a motivational speaker’s persona dispelled –

it is important to remember that these individuals are first and foremost people with their own personal lives. They are masters of their craft and professionals to the core, yes, but be aware that they have a self that appears out of stage, out of book signings, and out of their YouTube videos. So the next time you catch a plane ride and happen to sit next to a famous speaker, don’t expect him to speak motivationally to you during the whole trip. He gets jetlags too.