The Good Things About Thirdspeople.com

Thirdspeople.com is both a blog and an online community. We aim to unite people with the same interests despite the differences of race, age, location, and profession. We believe that in the online world you can still find a friend, a comrade, or a buddy whom you can share and discuss your thoughts, your interest, your dilemma. Together, you solve the problems or solidify your theories.

Registration Process

It is easy and simple. You have many choices to choose from methods of registering an account. You may use your OpenID, Facebook login ID, or a new username to create an account with us. We require our members to be 18 years old and above. As for our minors who like to join our community, we are in the process of planning on how to accommodate you. Before registering an account with us, please read and understand our terms of use, privacy policy and forum etiquette for more details.


We have three types of members in our forum community. These are the staffs, moderators, and members.

Yes, our staffs also need to create and register an account to participate. Our staffs have the ability to move discussions to the appropriate topic thread, and delete or modify topics we have started. In some instances, we have the authority to delete inappropriate postings of discussion after a due procedure.

The moderators are former members. We may assign moderators on certain topic threads. Moderators are members who have been with us for months or years, whom other members elected or whom we think are responsible for handling the role. Moderators have the ability to move discussions, report inappropriate content and warn other members. However, they cannot delete topics or inappropriate contents.

The members have the ability to delete, post or modify their own postings. They may start a new topic but not delete a topic. After a month of membership, they may publish on the blog section of the community.

Forum Discussion

You may create any topic that is related to our purpose. You may engage more than one person, depending on the type of conversation you set up. In our forum community, you can post a conversation publicly and privately. Public posting of topics enables all the members to participate with the topic one member has started. The other members do not need permission from the original poster.

On the other hand, private posting of topics means only the people invited can participate. Private posting consists of two levels. First, the topic is still viewable but the discussion is private. In this level, a member who wishes to join may ask permission from the original poster. The original poster may decline or accept the permission. The second level is called private conversations. In private conversations, the topic and discussion are not viewable by any of the members, moderators, and even staffs. For forum etiquette, please read the forum discussion policy.


Our online community features a mini-blog where you can post articles or essays related to the subject of our community. However, before publishing articles or essays, please make sure that these are your property. Please read the terms of use regarding our policy on copyright and infringement issues. For easy navigation, the blog section has two categories, the staff’s division, and the member’s division.

We made these divisions for easier tracking of persons publishing to our blog. The staff division is available to visitors and lurkers while the member’s division is only visible to those who registered an account with our community. We made this feature so we can protect our member’s copyrights.


Our members may post their own videos on this section. We allow only self-made videos that relate to the purpose of our community. Videos that link to third-party sharing sites are okay as long as you have the permission to do so, or you own the video.

Job adverts

We will be developing this section later on. For now, focus on making friends and creating networks with future colleagues who may help you solve your problems.

Our online community does not require you to be online most of the times. If you manage to go online a few hours a day, we are okay with it. If you have more time to spend, we are more than okay with it. If you are looking for jobs, you may benefit in joining our online community. Our job adverts may become available in the future.