How to Build a Community for Your Blog

Blogging can be a great tool to market your goods and services online. It takes very little effort (for some) and very low capital to create a blog and the rewards are endless. That is, if you are able to reach out and tap more people into joining your community. A community is different from an audience. You would want the former rather than the latter.

Audiences are just made up of viewers or, as some would refer to them, lurkers. Communities on the other hand are composed of people who view your blog posts and talk to you about them. They interact with you via comments, emails and instant messages to your blog post. These are the kind of people you want to have because they are the ones who can become loyal subscribers of your blog.

blogTo build a community for your blog, the first thing you need to have is good, quality content. Companies providing SEO services will tell you that this is the most important component of your blog and it is true. Good quality content will capture the viewer’s attention and keep them wanting more. When they see that your blog has information that they can use and are relevant to their search, they associate your blog as something that’s reliable. So they continue to browse through your entire site, look through posts from the past to see if they can find more of what they are looking for.

When they are satisfied with your content they make it their go to site for whatever product or service you provide. From this point they become loyal subscribers who won’t hesitate to recommend your site to their friends. That is one of the biggest win that great content provide; creating loyal subscribers.

Content can be in the form of written materials or photos and videos.

ContentIf you decide to add photos and videos, make sure to post only high quality photos and videos. Set your cameras and video recording device to the highest resolution or hire a professional to take pictures and videos of your product. Nobody wants to share a grainy photo or video. You should also make your photo and video content easy to share with others. Add easy to find buttons or links that will make sharing the content via email or social media effortless. Content that is easy to share can reach more audience and more potential subscribers to your site.

Another great way to build a community is by engaging with them via social media. Practically everyone uses social media one way or another. People use social media to connect with friends, families and acquaintances. When you engage with them through social media, they will feel like you are their “friend” too. Respond to queries, complaints, comments and suggestions made by people you talk to in social media in a timely manner to help increase their interest and awareness of your product. Companies providing SEOExplode uses seo services and social media to build interest and provide a platform for their subscribers to share the contents of their website.

A simple appreciation for your subscribers’ continued patronage goes a long way. It builds camaraderie and friendship between you and the people who are loyal to your blog. If you are able, and you should really set aside some time to do this, you should thank your subscribers for being loyal to you. Some bloggers make general statements in their blog while others thank each and every one via email or through their comments. As your community grows, you might not be able to do the latter so go for a general thank you post on your blog.

Having a good product or service is sometimes no longer enough these days. If you want to build a community that would rally behind your product then you should be engaging and active in all aspects of your blog. It is not enough anymore to put up a site and pray that people will find it useful. You need to be tech savvy and social media savvy as well.