Know what we have for you at Thirdspeople

Whatever happens in the community, tell us. We spread it; the other side digests what you share so they can give some information in return. So we are like neighbors in a small community sharing what is hot and important about the society.


Hey there mate!

If you are quite idle and looking for some interesting things to do without standing up or doing activities outdoors, you may simply sit, relax and fiddle your fingers over your keyboard with us.

We enjoy communicating and reaching out to those busy or chilled minds. Whether you are stuck on busy and noisy metropolis or from a little jaded with your newspaper in the countryside, you may bond with us.  We want to learn, listen and take pleasure in reading your thoughts and feelings – whatever you may share.

There is a space for your stories of life, travel, work, and more experiences here with us.  We’d like to hear and feel whatever puzzles your mind about society, whatever delights your day, or if there is anything that makes your heart sinks about people.

What we have for you

“If each of us makes small changes in our simple ways, we could transform so much about the world”

And this could be the small step you are taking to make a little change happen to your life or to someone else’s.

Community is a very important part of the society. Different groups and social organizations as well as the commoners play a vital role in making the social order work effectively… and you are part of it! You definitely are.

Being a member of the group and feeling you belong to a certain circle is one of the most satisfying feeling ever. So let us take you to our community, help you be part of our circle and get in touch more with people and life. Sharing is the key. You are most welcome to give your personal opinion as well as help us provide realistic resolutions for our comrades.

Share with us your hectic activities, let us hear your most interesting family moments, enlighten us with your experience over the years and help us unlearn and learn some lessons with your knowledge.

From household remedies , gardening, practical life hacks, new inventions , science and technology, food, fashion, visiting places , work, urban trend, rural recreations, outdoor and indoor leisure to wars , rags to riches life stories as well as success and failure compilations- we’d like to gather it all for you and express life and people.

  • Learn about societal issues and other aspects affecting it
  • Wander through the pages about community events with unique culture and tradition
  • Enjoy interesting vivid photos of people, places , and amusing events
  • Get to know people and their life stories

Our purpose is to connect you to whoever may need your help or to whoever can help you back. We serve as your bridge in building virtual, practical, but genuine relationships with others, not to mention functioning as a platform of recent news in the community such as remarkable innovations of people as well as creative tips and tricks to live life fully. By joining us, you can see through the different goings-on in the community.

What You Can Give Us

It’s a give and take scheme in any kind of community. So what can you offer us could be probably just in the corners of your house or within your own neighborhood. It could even be in your old boxes and closets too!

We would be happy to see your helpful sharing and inspiring stories filling this blog along with creative ideas in the field of work, fashion, technology- life in total.

  • Share moving stories of success and how to overcome failure
  • Give us an update about the trend or what’s hot in your community
  • Got environmental-related ideas for us? Let us know.
  • Introduce people with motivating deeds
  • Capture and upload astounding and colorful photos of great moments or genuine happenings in your community
  • Show people life innovations from the simplest forms to gaining good profit
  • Connect and communicate to people of different culture

As they say, there are two sides of the coin, so while we want to know the amazing things you can present us, we are more than pleasured to also receive something different. We also want something that would make people wonder, question, complain, agree or disagree.

  • Be an eye-opener to blind people about the unpleasant things happening in the community
  • Present the unwanted features in your neighborhood such as uncontrolled waste disposal,  incorrect usage of communal facilities , or dealing with difficult people
  • Give more constructive do’s and don’ts in the social, environmental, parental, household, educational, and business aspects
  • Help others unlearn misconceptions about life, government, and other societal concerns

Wondering who we are?

wp2Thirdspeople intends to extend opinions, new ideas, present different culture, and more to as many people as we can reach.

With you guiding us about the world outside, we could design some useful suggestions to improving the community you are in and the community in general.

Your opinions, both positive and negative, matters for other people from the other side might find them handy and you might get something helpful from their concepts too. We serve as a bridge, the platform of the community for we are your third party.

We are your friendly neighborhood… well virtually.