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You agree that our blog site will immediately terminate your access to the blog site basing in its sole discretion. Numerous grounds for the termination includes the
(a) violations of the law, Terms and Conditions, other agreements, rules and guidelines,
(b) requests by law enforcement or government agencies,
(c) a self-initiated request or the blog site’s decision to remix the participants,
(d) discontinuance or material modification of the Site,
(e) glitches and security breaches, or
(f) extended periods of inactivity.
It may also include the following, base on blog site’s sole discretion,
(a) the deletion of all of your Profile Data, User Materials, Submissions, other content and points or participation incentives earned or potentially earned and
(b) barring further access.

The blog site reserves the right to change, at any time, at their sole discretion, the terms under which these services are offered so it is your responsibility to regularly update these conditions and terms.

If you violate any of the terms and conditions of our blog site such as uploading, posting, transmitting to or distributing and publishing any materials that are
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(c) likely to encourage criminal acts; or
(d) contain a virus, spyware, other harmful component, false or misleading indications of origin or statements of fact, we will exercise our right to terminate your registered account in our blog site and to prevent or block your access to and use of our blog site.

You understand that a blog by its nature is open for public access to information. Hence, anyone can see the content of your blog. Further, provides you opportunities to design, create, write, edit and publish your blog. It also gives you control and ownership over to all activities circulating in your blog and encourages you to express your innermost thoughts freely. Your continued use of the services constitutes your agreement to all such terms. You understand and agree that the blog site will treat your use of the services as acceptance of the terms and conditions set by the