Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of our blog site explains what are the information we usually gather and why is there a need to collect them, how and when we use the information, what choices we offer to you and how can you access and update your information. Our private policy includes the privacy aspect of our blog site’s Terms of Services.

There are two ways we employ in gathering information. First, we look for the information you use in our blog site. For example, we require you to put your personal information during your registration. It is your choice if you put your real name and picture in your account or not. Second, we will get information based on your use of our services.

We will use your personal information to converse with you about your registered account and offer you information related to our services. If you want to unsubscribe any email communications from us, you can directly unsubscribe to your Account page or Account setting. You can request to us if you want your information to be fixed, deleted, clarified or updated when you find that it is inaccurate, out – dated, misleading and incomplete or its storage or use is prohibited.

Thirdspeople.comcares andrespects your privacy. Although we require you to provide some information about you in signing up in our blog site, we strictly follow rules and regulations that are meant to safeguard you, your relationship with us and your personal information. We protect your information by implementing security measures to ensure the safety of your delicate information.

We avoid sharing your confidential information. However, if we really need your personal information to other legal bases and purposes, we will first get your consent before doing such thing.We ask you important information if it is needed. For instance, we will let you enjoy reading and posting your blogs in a condition that you will provide your personal details. Also, we need to know your valid email address so that we can send you a message just in case you want to recover your password in the future.We won’t send you an email asking for your personal information especially your password. Send to us if you obtain such an email so that we can investigate as soon as possible.We want you to know that we do not sell, exchange, give or transfer your information to any person or companysinceit is not part our job.The privacy policy of our blog site is for online activities only.

These are the general goals of the If you want to ask questions and clarifications about our policy and your personal information gathered by our blog site, feel free to send us your concerns via email or contact our support team.


You can use the services of in many ways. You can do searching and sharing information, communicate with your friends, family and even those people you do not know. If you want to, you can share with us other information that can make the services of better.


This blog site aims to provide you easier access to more relevant result of your search. We also use cookies that enable our blog site identify your browser by capturing and remembering specific information. We want to understand and secure your preferences that may be helpful in future visits. When you are using Medium Services, we may gather your Internet Protocol address. We may use and keep this information to combat spam and other abuses or to identify how you use the Medium Services.


When registering to our site, we usually gather some information from you such as your name, email address and password. Most information that we gather from you may be used from any of the following:

·        For the improvement of our site (we want to improve the basing it on your feedback and information).

·        For the progress of our customer service (your provided information helps us effectively answer your requests and support your needs).

·        To customize your experience (this may help us provide appropriate answer to your individual needs).

·        For the transaction processing.


We do forbid any information from anyone whose age is below 13 for we are in subjection to the COPPA (Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act). Our services are designed only to people who are 13 years old and above.

When you create an account in our site and authenticate it through using third – party services such as Facebook and Twitter, we may regularly update your other contact list with the said third – party services so that you can associate with other contacts from that services that may be are on

Lastly, if there are any changes in our privacy policy, we will let you know about it.