Value-added Services Of An Excellent PCB Assembly Company

Many small and medium enterprises spend thousands in hiring the services of a PCB assembly contractor. Most of them complain on poor quality of the electronic boards that they receive because they do not know what demands to make or what tasks to expect from these companies.

In this article, we try to explain the tasks that you should expect from your assembly contractor. So that the next time, you sign an assembly contract you know if you are getting what you are paying for.

First, your assembly contractor improves your product design’s functionality and efficiency

Although the designing process is your responsibility, an assembly company that can provide an improvement to your PCB design is a plus. Having an assembly supplier who could point out the mistakes or tell an improvement on your design certainly saves you more money.

How can this task save you money? When an assembly contractor is an expert in the electronics industry and dedicated in providing quality services to customers like you, they would try to remove unnecessary or redundant electronic parts without sacrificing the overall functionality of the design you want.

PCB Assembly Company

In a PCB assembly, the process is not just about achieving functionality

It is also about attaining efficiency that could bring more income to your company through the savings you might earn. The next time you renew the contract with your current assembly company, evaluate whether this company has provided you value-added services.

Second, your contractor should be capable of scouting for supplier who can deliver quality electronic parts and use the best technology to perform the assembly. As a small and medium enterprise, finding the best suppliers of electronic parts and establishing a business relationship with them is difficult due to capital constraints. It will take years before you can achieve such business goals.

Thus, you need to look for a contractor who has the experience and is operating for years in the PCB assembly industry. A company that possesses the experience and a list of good suppliers would likely provide you with excellent quality parts. They would likely help you find alternative solutions when your existing suppliers fail to deliver the components you need.

Moreover, choosing an assembly company (like with experience combined with excellent technology eliminates the need for expensive equipment. You could enjoy the benefits of having the best in the electronics industry by hiring the right company to do the assembly for you. You could deliver quality output to your consumers without having to invest on research and development research to enhance your PCB and its design because the assembly company has this department.

PCB Assembly

Lastly, your assembly contractor offers comprehensive and value added services:

The majority of PCB assembly companies think that their job ends when they deliver the final product. For us, it does not end there. When we produce electronic boards for you, we make sure that we help you until you could satisfactorily deliver the products you order from us. Our services extend to testing the PCBs for defect and repairing them when needed.

Although we guarantee that all our products are in excellent quality once they reach you, we will be glad to entertain any returns you send us. As long as the defect is manufacturing related, we will definitely find out the cause of the defect and aid you in finding the solutions of the defects. This way, we could avoid the same mistakes on the next batch.

Aside from this, we ensure that we help you along the way, from the time we accept your order until you present the product to your own customers. We are not going to intervene with how you manage manufacturing and assembly issues. However, when we think that you need our help, we may ask for permission to be of service until we could find the perfect solutions to your issues related to your order with us.

The PCB assembly is an ongoing process. It does not end when we deliver your order. We provide services that help you from the start until the end. When we see flaws with your design schematics, we communicate these flaws and provide solutions to avoid extra costs on repairs and returns from your consumers.

We are a leading company in the assembly industry and we have big customers who orders from us. However, when a small and medium enterprise like you would want our service, we deliver the same quality services that we offer to our big clients because we promote equality in our company.